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Anyone else listen to Sam Harris' Waking Up podcast? I just listened to a discussion with him and Tom Nichols about American attitudes towards experts that was quite interesting. []

Melearley 4 Dec 16

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I Love listing to Sam usually interesting guest it's hard to get content like that that doesn't insult you intellectually.


So, where did Same Harris get his degree is sociology? 😛 lol


I'm adding both the thinking atheist and Sam Harris to my need to listen list. Thanks for the info


Lately, Americans don't seem to recognize experts. They go for the rap version.


I haven't, but I will look him up. I like listening to call kinds of podcast.

MoniB Level 6 Dec 17, 2017

Sam Harris is indeed a fascinating fellow with incredible insights into the human condition. I also enjoy The Thinking Atheist with Seth Andrews.


Yes, I am a big fan of Sam Harris.


Sam Harris is great! Love his podcast. But my favorite podcast is The Thinking Atheist. Amazing voice and story teller. Amazing content also.

Yea Seth Andrews is really good. Check out his YouTube channel for his speeches. There's on called "The Copycats" where he talks about Christianity in pop culture that's pretty funny. Glad I could help.

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