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I love all the lights and General good spirit this time of year, even though I don’t believe in magical thinking.

GreatBrit 4 Dec 16

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Yeah, Nothing ruins the good feelings of Christmas like trying to bring religion into it.


i 'll drink to that


thats great, just know its the yule time and pagan symbols they use, and not christian ones, i educate them when they get on me as an atheist, putting up lights on my yule time tree, and celebrating the solstice. . if they wanted an exclusive holliday, they should have left the day in april where it was, rather than moving it to the 24th to compete with all the other peoples holidays.. that goes for easter, better known as aster, the godess of fertility , hence the eggs used. never mind all the days of the week named after other gods. thorsday, frida day etc,

Yes I am aware of the history behind this holiday.


Winter Solstice requires no magical thinking. Just an appreciation for the fact that Spring will soon be here. Light the lights. Ignite the yule log. Drink the nog. Stand under the mistletoe and see what happens. No magic needed.


Being in good cheer and holiday lights have nothing to do with magic, just good happy people and a bit of colored electricity. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Dec 16, 2017

But believing in a supreme being does have magical overtones !


You don't have to believe in a supreme being to enjoy the colored lights and to wish someone well.


Whew! Magical thinking! You know that's in my psychology book... ok. I love it too.

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