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I don't believe in any god, but I do believe there is more then just what we can perseve with our limited sences. I meditate and find it useful in clearing mind. Does a " feeling of spirtuality" help or hurt or search for truth our purpose in life?

td3620 2 Dec 17

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There is a broad range of meanings to the word 'spiritual'. Because we have attained the capacity to think in abstract terms we frequently confuse ourselves with it. We are emotional, social creatures with the ability to make anything of our private internal world we want and because of that we can manipulate our perceptions to any degree. That is one of the major reasons why the notions of supernatural beings and actions gets a foothold in the real world.

To accept any such idea without real and rational evidence to support it is a folly of the mind.


wow...are you up for some wild responses!

Glad I got here first. As a priest of Spiritual Humanism; a creator of mythical worlds in literature, graphic and performance arts; a mentor; a mediator (being a teacher and counselor); "meditater"...

I am one who believes this feeling of "spirituality" (call it whatever you like) is indeed an important part of life in general and allows for the contemplation of facts, as well as the contemplation of absolutely nothing for peace and relaxation.

I went into much greater detail on my post: Spirituality for Agnostics...and maybe even Atheists?

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