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All I could think of during the religious videos was... The Nozzle


I really like rationality rules. His approach to topics and his arguments are always fantastic.


One need not waste 20 minutes answering all the religious bullshit. ....our Atheism = materialism. ...matter can neither be created nor destroyed. ...we observe from our place in the universe fast expansion from which we can project back in time and theorize forward in time. ...none of which implies a bible or quoran misogynistic "creator"


Another flat earth bigot defending rapist Mohammed and his 9 year old bride raped on her wedding night by the infallible throat slitter Mohammed

Stop holding back and say what you mean already 😉

@ashortbeauty is there something else evil about any religion I should mention ?


Shit, I was just starting to like it.


I watch this guy on youtube and find it very enjoyable.


It's great to see young people speaking out for rational arguments!

Too much work wasting time point by point when the only relevant question is zero evidence for an irrational claim. ...the alleged gawd Allah is no different than Pinocchio. ...a character of fiction obviously impossible. uncaused cause ....a camel jockey bullshit belief


Silly wabbits!


Thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard of this guy before, but I like him a lot!

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