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I moved to Thailand when I was 15, I wanted to train muai Thai on a professional level. I lived near a Buddhist temple and became very good friends with the munks who lived there. As I learned more about Buddhism I realized it started to affect my very being, my thoughts and way of life. I studied Buddhism as a way of life ever since and never thought of it as a religion but as a life philosophy, a guide to better myself and become a more compassionate human being. I wanted to share as I consider myself a non believer in any gods and really dislikes religions. But if anything you meet on your journey makes you a better person whatever it might be, go for it. You don't have to pick sides or labels.

Grim 4 Dec 18

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I'm doing the same thing. I find it very helpful.


The merits of Buddhism are far more numerous than the perceived benefits of many religions.

SamL Level 7 Dec 18, 2017

Well stated! Glad to have you here. I am also drawn to certain aspects of Buddhism (I have a cousin who has decided to become a monk), and meditation does have scientifically verifiable benefits, though I find that different meditation practices are, well, VERY deferent, and meditation seems to have different meanings to different people. I was always taught that it was meant to be (or at least started off as) a complete emptying of the mind (or at least as empty as possible - still unclear on that and what constitutes "thoughts" in this particular instance). Do you have any particular thoughts or comments to add about what meditation means for you and what you may or may not have been taught about it? Very interested in your thoughts on this subject

Good morning 🙂 I'd happily share my thoughts on meditation. The practice itself not having to be in a specific place or in a particular position. Like you said an silencing of the mind, to find inner peace.
Of course there's different levels of dedication of how much you'd like to explore this path, and the benefits are many. I think its essential to being healthy both physically and mentally. The reason being, thoughts can be very intrusive, not all thoughts are your own, actually most are not. The world is full of noise, radio, tv, other people etc etc. We are affected by other peoples thoughts as well and past moments relived itself through thoughts. There's a reason we find it peaceful in a empty forest or in solitude and stressful in a city with lots of people around. There's also a reason why we leave our bodies as we sleep, ( dreaming) our light beings (true beings or spirits) when we are separate our bodies starts a healing process. There's lots to be said in this matter, not sure how deeply you'd like to go but hope this explains a little.🙂 have a wonderful day



Well said! 😉


Wow! I was in Udorn Thailand for awhile. Interesting culture. A very beautiful people there. Every morning the air had a fragrance of flowers and incense, thats untill i got to my job. Then it smelled like burnt JP4. I stayed in town a lot almost married a lady there. I was a kid there. I got sent there after Vietnam. I saw the little Buddha's there all over the place. I never payed attention. I was a you big babyson!.. they would hmmm... memories...


Eloquently and well stated! Glad you're here!

I combine a lot of philosophies, some gained from religions too ludicrous to ever believe. My excursions into Buddhism were primarily for meditation and insight. I took some kung fu lessons but at the time I was completely unprepared for the mental discipline it required.

My main focus has been on Celtic Mythology and Druidism, largely because that is my heritage. Being a musician I was especially drawn to their bardic arts which contain a plethora of practical knowledge as diverse as music theory and psychology.

Labels? I have too many, some more fitting than others. But then, I am not a label.

As a Norse, Asa has always been a major part of me and my life, it inspires the music I write as well and will always be part of my core. 🙂 keep making music


I have always thought Theravada Buddhism is the most religion-like type of Buddhism.

I think any type of worship in Buddhism is a total misinterpretation of the teachings. To me it was always Chan (Zen) Buddhism that lured.

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