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Being patriotic is pointless. It's like being proud of your blood group. This person gave her legs for patriotism so now that Trump can erode it all away


Ships fly that flag astern and up a mast. ...not all of us veterans conform to the delusion of flag worship. ...we often fly the flag upside down warning others of current danger


1812 all verses of the FUTURE NATIONAL ANTHEM were written to inspire slave ship crews to continue sailing into Baltimore Harbor with more slaves. NFL athletes are kneeling for all the dead shot by cops or buried on plantations after a lifetime of rape and forced hard labor


She's got balls of brass, and titanium legs, incapable of bone spurs. Is it reasonable to thank her legs on Memorial Day, without thanking her for her service?

And Memorial Day is for the troops we've lost, Veterans Day is for those of us who made it home.


We take our freedoms for granted.

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