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Shamanism is the source of invented alleged deities. ....pure patriarchal lies to mystify the life giving power of women. ...war gods and national dictators came much later. ...tribalism gone wrong during the earliest years of spoken language and carving/cave drawings that led to symbols to become letters or whole word sounds. ...the development of rape culture and genocide is right there in 2nd Kings 15:16 " rip open the bellies of pregnant women let not anyone live dash the little ones against the stones but keep the virgins for yourselves " Jehovah YHWH institutionalized rape and male entitlement to sex ownership of women


I have long maintained that the thought of life after death originated in dreams. The appearance of loved ones--or hated ones--appearing in dreams was "proof" that they still lived. Dreams are barely understood now, even less so in the past, and many, many cultures saw dreams as portals, windows to the future, and having meaning on a plethora of "things."

But shamans lied taking over mind control and sex control of dreams awake or obliged to report dreams to the shaman YES MOST WERE MALE

@GreenAtheist But how do you know that most were males in preliterate societies? As far as I know, Native Americans and the Celts had what qualified as "shamans," and shamans are not the same as priests. Not all religions were the same in all cultures--which mandated reports to the "shamans"?

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