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GOP Morality War

I really hate to say this. The GOP is in a morality war. They are using this as a wedge issue to get people to think they are the party of morality. Many of the stupid followers of the GOP don't realize this. These "fundamentalists" think women and teens are too promiscuous already. They believe that moral behavior can and should be legislated. Make fun! But be aware that the progressive battle is far from over or easy. They are well on the way to their goals to win the house and senate.

If I were to point out all the areas where the GOP legislates against your ability to choose you would be dumbfounded. If you think regulating industry to preserve the environment or to prevent mentally disturbed people from getting guns in inhibiting your right to choose then you have a relatively distorted view of individual rights and choices.

As for special interest groups, if you think labor, gays, lesbians, blacks, Asians, Latino's are special interest groups in that you too are mistaken. The constitution says "All men are created equal." It doesn't say unless they are gay, straight or of a different color or ethnic persuasion.

The legislation for these issues is to ensure the rights bestowed by the constitution are upheld.

As usual this is being over simplified. If for anyone here thinks the isn't a difference between the two parties, you are very naïve. Those here who are "libertarian" think there should be no regulation and large corporations when given the chance will "do the right thing." History has proven beyond all doubt that businesses of that size will do what they want no matter what the consequences to the consumer. TOO MUCH REGULATION MY A**. I am very sick of the libertarian mantra. Ponder this; How come the owners of these huge multinationals that pollute and profit from these businesses don't live within 5, 10 or 20 miles of these potential cancer clusters. Forgive the disgust. DO YOU REALLY THINK AN INNOCENT WORKER (HUMAN BEING) DESERVES TO SUFFER A HORRIBLE, DISFIGURING AND PAINFUL DEATH WHEN THEY WORK AND LIVE NEXT TO A TOXIC WASTE DUMP? WHAT ARE YOU JERKS GOING TO DO WHEN THERE IS NO REGUALTION AND CONTROL OVER UNBRIDALED PROFITS AT ANY COST? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY WHEN THESE COAL MINERS IN THE SOUTH DIE THIS SUMMER IN YET ANOTHER CAVE IN. THIS IS ALMOST CLICHE IT HAPPENS SO OFTEN. ARE YOU GOING TO SAY "TOO BAD, SO SAD?"

realdancermn 5 Dec 19

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