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Greetings! I am amazed, (and not), that there's a site for free thinking dating or is it free thought dating? It's a small community locally and in comparison to other sites, nationally but who cares? Secret handshake time.

I love this time of year and even with my lack of beliefs I enjoy holidays that are calls for light in a time of darkness, never more meaningful. Hanukkah, a leftover from my marriage, Yule, I joined CUUPS, (Pagan group at the Unitarian Universalist church I attend), because I like the people, Christmas, the parts that deal with hope. I blather or blither, your choice.

Gabh an latha!

Bobbing56 3 Dec 19

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As many other cultures, my Celt ancestors practiced giving and togetherness this time of year not merely for humanitarian purposes but for the strength of the tribe. The wise aged, infirm, widows and orphans were all assets in some way but would surely not survive the winter without help.

Not to paint them as complete altruists. Druids would decide who was worthy of survival in times the entire tribe was at risk. The very old, insane and "useless" were put to death....much more "kindly" than they would a captured enemy though!

If we HAVE to have a death penalty we need to bring back the "wicker man". What a show...and what a deterrent!

Oh...and merry met! Hope to see you on the boards often!


There are pagan groups?? Cool!


I am here for community first and if a date happens great but its not my primary mission


I decided not to be on here for dating anymore.

Random, my former wife teaches art, kids/adults, her name is Sara when she has a kid named Sara😎, she calls her Sara-ha, kids find it hysterically funny. When Sara was young her name was a ganny name and she got teased about it.


welcome to this site,
its not the only or the 1st atheist dating site. the thing that makes this one different, is the way its set up, so we can have conversations. most atheist dating sites don't have this, and don't last long, because we are spread out so much, its hit and miss, for dating.
knowing this, i the other features keep me coming back, so i can amuse myself with like minds, and hope for a local lady of interest to come along while i chat with all the like minds .

a few on here do the unitarian church thing. not my cup of tea.

A few years ago I joined, not paid, free, Christian Mingle just so I could do a search on UU's and found six in the entire country. It took forever to get them to stop sending crap though.

what were you thinking lmao. did you tell them you repented, to get them off you?

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