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Is a believer welcomed?

Am I welcomed on this site as someone who still believes in a higher power of somekind, but I'm here for community and to learn?

Differentminded 4 May 30

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There are options in the profile section for theists . I myself might be somewhat of a religious naturalist [] , materialist . It's just that I am considerate of the possibility , however remote , of there being a Monad [] , just not God in the conventional sense . So I suppose that I could be an ignostic [] .


Of course you are welcome. The only people we give any sort of hard time here are asshats. People who actually listen and learn and engage in intellectually genuine and honest and kind ways, are no problem at all.

The problem in my experience is that many believers have a carefully-cultivate self-image as virtuous, good and kind when in fact they don't realize that they ARE impertinent, gaslighting asshats.

If I had to hazard a guess I would say that if you had the wherewithal to ask that question in the first place, you're not like that. I'm assuming until proven wrong that you're an honest seeker / learner who doesn't confuse your beliefs with your identity and can see those of differing (or no) belief in deities as fellow human beings.

You are right. Its not on the list but I'm an agnostic theist. I don't fit into the regular believers so I was hoping here I can learn and have intelligent conversation. A person's view on life and death are their own and I'm not here to try and change that. I'm here to learn different points of view.

@Differentminded There are not many agnostic theists, so it must be a lonely watch sometimes. Do you fit in at all with liberal Christians? Many of those hold their faith pretty loosely, so long as you accept at least in the abstract that their particular deity-belief is justified or at least likely.

@mordant They're no liberal churches I've found in my area. I know Universalist Unitarian Churches are extremely liberal but the closest one to me is 120 miles away

@Differentminded Well UUs are a mixed blessing to me ... they accept open atheists without difficulty but I find that they tend to substitute political ideology for religious ideology. Even though I agree with much of it, I find it a bit off-putting. So ... would be worth a shot if one were close, but you can be philosophical that it's not necessarily a slam-dunk either.

Let's see you're -- where? Dog help you, Texas ... buckle of the Bible Belt. Yeah that's a hard row to hoe if you're in any way nonconformist.

I think you'll find refreshing discussion here. I, for one, welcome you and wish you the best. We have a few hotheads but this is a pretty mature group, given this is the Internet. Skews a little older and wiser. Look forward to talking with you.


The believer will probably be treated with more respect and tolerance than a non believer going on to a Christian site.


Preaching and evangelizing are not likely to be welcomed, tbh. But an attitude of community-building, respect, and learning will go a long way. I hope you find what you seek here!

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