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Handling of religious friends and family

In this day and age of social media and the bombardment of everyones opinions via Facebook, Instagram, etc. How do you handle discussing or debating friends and family without damaging a religious persons needs of a deity?

Darthpug 7 Dec 21

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I speak my truth. Live by example and by doing so show that I have a happy life without religion. I don't need it. Been there, done that before and it was not what it claimed to be. I realize that most likely you can't change anybody's view. I never argue because I know it won't get you anywhere. I kill them with kindness. They have to start having questions themselves or otherwise they don't want to hear an opposing view. They've made up their minds.

I agree you really can't change someones mind over religion and I don't really try. Most of my family are part-time Christians. They only participate in religion when it fits them. However I do have a cousin that forwards so much religious junk via Facebook it makes me laugh at times.

Watch "...but intelligent people believe in God" on YouTube


If you don't want to ruin your relationship with them, you have to lube up and go in slow. and then just stop once they start taking offense, which is almost always immediately. If they feel like you're attacking their god, you're personally attacking them too. They don't always understand that they don't need to get angry. Unless you're lucky to have friends and family who are open for discussion and can agree to disagree, avoid it. You'll get responses like: You have to read the scripture/the bible. (And if you've read the entire book) "You're taking that out of context/ that's not what they really mean..." Or, "you just have to have faith.." It could lead to worse comments or physical reactions.
You could try to get them to see your point of view by giving an example using everyday people or real life situations, but don't mention god until after you've made your point. And make sure you talk slowly and gently to them. As if they're children. (lol ok maybe not as if they're children)

Ember Level 4 Dec 21, 2017
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