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LINK A Massive Clue on Pregnancy And The Development of Schizophrenia Was Just Found

From the link: “Using genetic testing and obstetrical history information from a diverse group of nearly 3,700 adults, 2,038 of whom had schizophrenia, the researchers found a significant interaction between nature and nurture factors within the placenta.“

AMGT 8 June 1

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I want to point out the usage of terminology

“...the study found that in placentas from male offspring...”

Good stuff, though. At least the placenta is being studied. It is amazing that it has been overlooked in the past, discarded as waste. Even waste holds evidence and clues to the nature of reality.


There are also some studies underway looking into a potential microflora in/on the placenta and amniotic fluid that can lead to diseases as well.


"It's a "new realm" because even though the placenta is a crucial organ in pregnancy, it is also one of the most neglected by scientists. In fact, the placenta is the only organ removed from the body that is not routinely examined.

The new study, which found that a third of the genes associated with schizophrenia are expressed in the placenta, just goes to show what an oversight this has been."

Wow. I am stunned that scientist had tended to neglect examining the placenta.

that's because some people eat it... (joke)

@Lukian Barf.

@Lukian some cultures do, or so I’ve heard

@NothinnXpreVails I know that. Actually some mothers in the US have done so as well. The joke part was that is why few are available to study because they are eaten


Hmmmm... I don't know what to say. Ok... thinking out loud. Can they take samples to determine an outcome of a child's health. Will this new knowledge allow them to fix the problems and maybe create more intelligence in the baby? Like I said... just thinking out loud.


Super! I really hope cancer is next. I wonder, though, will it mean schizophrenia can be cured or be a situation where pregnancies will be terminated to stop the afflicted person coming to be born. That would raise another moral dilemma like terminating pregnancies of children with Down's Syndrome.


wow. that an interesting find. I wonder what other illnesses might be related.

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