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Out again for a 2000 mile drive, who here wants to meet for breakfast pizza or tea with salad lunch ?

I an curtailing my hope for a good cinema with fresh popcorn. ....I left Myrtle Beach this afternoon and I write this in North Carolina truckstop. ....Not going through New Jersey where text/phone+drive is illegal. ....same law in New York Fingerless where I escaped from Arctic Auburn final home of Harriet Tubman. ....will zip over to my Buffalo BILLs 2 c my rookie team. ...but surely there are Atheist women here who could call 843 926 1750 and discuss a first rendezvous ?...I am 66 and traveling with my 2 Service Cats Kiti&Laila. ...their 4 year log just eclipsed 40 thousand miles....Larry 843 926 1750

GreenAtheist 8 June 1

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none of your posts didn’t appear until today would be a mystery. May some time we will meet in Seattle

I have a National Park PASS lifetime free access. ...nothing beats tete' a tete' test of chemistry and body language. it too cliché to meet in Yellowstone parked by the Old Faithful Geyser ?....just enjoying my ride in the rain yesterday and today slowed down by water over my roads


If you're ever on I-90 headed to Seattle let me know!! My trips to the east coast are DONE.

All my family is back there but visits are so nerve wracking I'm done. 'cept for a cuz in CT, I'm still thinking about it 🙂.

Drive SAFE!!

A million miles experience driving leaves me feeling like you a regional wanderer by choice. ...3 time zones and many mountains makes the trip past Salt Lake a Bonneville FLATS downer. ....I-94 leaves Montana I-90 behind Bad Lands & Devils Tower. .... worst is I-10 one thousand miles inside Texas only the true purple mountains majesty there is an eye oasis amidst polluter oil well war crime profiteering RUST. ...WHEN our campaign is funded for 27 more states to ratify the TRUE FIRST AMENDMENT. ..I will be regional in Olympia Salem&Sacramento ....our most important of the 12 BILL of RIGHTS is to local democracy 50 thousand persons per Congressional District


Safe journey!

Be safe everywhere including your dreams free from the nightmare of religions


Taking my time virginia is for lovers next stop pursue your happiness pennsylvania


Harriet Tubman schoolhouse in northeastern CT? Well preserved too

Her influence was national from the 1850"s until she died


When you get to Portland, OR, you can give mea call.


Why my photo did not fully load is a geek mystery. ...January 2017 WALL STREET MARCH 500 labor activists for SINGLE PAYER INSURANCE saves money pays for itself. ...lovers need Healthcare TOO ! Just won a Boeing UNION VOTE CHARLESTON. ...IAM. ...Teamsters 90 Steward Larry

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