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VictoriaNotes 9 June 2

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Hallo, looking at this picture I think it has something to do with "we against the rest of humanity" We are the good guys, the planet is ours, and all the rest has to disapear somehow. Am I right? Well I think that we are the result of a long long evolution wich hasn't come to an end. These times are very very different from formers periods in historie, so we have to manage it as good as we can. We have technologies, languages, filisofies, and religions to live together with 7,5 billion people. We don't know how long our mother earth can manage so many people, but we have to try. We are all children of the same mother earth.

Hi Gerry. Thanks for your comment. This is predominately about how conservative Christianity, conservative politics and corporations have merged in recent decades.

"How Corporate America Invented Christian America"



Ruuusssshhhhaaaaah Dingy Crazy LimpBOSS xian "undeniable truth" Freudian slip meme


This helps me answer the question that I've heard from believers, "If God doesn't exist, why do so many people believe?" Well, most people don't know how to be INDEPENDENT thinkers!!!


The cruelty of theism bleeds profusely over conservatism.

jeffy Level 7 June 2, 2018

Unfortunately, I see a very complex issue being simplified. This should not be a conservative/liberal issue but one based on evidence and reason. Also, I see Christians as being the first to offer easy ways to address problems as a way to get into their ultimate reward. To me it's the no brain but maximum gain dogma.

If you can find the time, I recommend reading this research paper. Christians here are being coached that it is acceptable to have great wealth disparity.

"This re-emphasizes the individualism/self-reliance narrative of neoliberalism that downplays circumstance, institutional oppression, or reliance on family, friends, community, or the state as a viable means for self-advancement. Any acceptance of help from anyone but from those ordained by God to give it (the church exclusively) is portrayed as immoral or unfairly burdening or relying on others. [snip] The concept of “roles” in society in this context is quite oppressive to women and minorities."


"This paper explores the ideological reinforcement, shaping, and justification of neoliberalism contrived from Christian elements. The irony and unlikely marriage of lower class Christians accepting an economic policy platform that is detrimental to them is laid out as a puzzle. Then, alternate theories and explanations are introduced and built upon.

The video series, "The Truth Project ", produced and disseminated by Focus on the Family, an evangelical Christian organization, is analyzed for elements of neoliberalism that are reinforced or justified. Finally, the dangers of this alliance and the general process of ideological formation are commented on."

@VictoriaNotes My comment was more about the idea of giving vast amounts of food to help alleviate a problem rather than focus on the religiosity of the giver. However, I see a definite connection in blindly giving simply because one is told that is good or because one feels an emotional pull.

@JackPedigo My comment was reflective of the meme.

@VictoriaNotes Good, you just inspired me to post a silly cartoon about memes. Thanks.


Lol... yep. What happened to teach a man to fish?


That's very good. I think they might do away with Jesus and replace him with Ayn Rand.

Geebu$h Geehobah Gho$tHOLE$ as preached by Speaker Ryan to the Rethuglican true believers Chamber of Commerce wanting to REDUCE MINIMUM WAGE LAWS


i knew he was a republican!


she turned me into a Newt Gingrich.

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