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Why does lonliness follow me every where home at work at the club in a relationship on line facebook walking down the street in a crowded room Im always left out..i don't look ogaly but i don't look like a push over either my eyes tend to penetrate some people look at me as if im going to rob Im not a thug from the hood its nothing wrong with me im not a ass hole im very kind hearted so why am I alone down here even my family all moved out new jersey where we were all from im the only one who stayed here all my cousins moved my son mother alieniated my son from me not even my son is that beet to hang with me I don't want to go into my angry cave and revenge state of mind its lonley there an attractive guy but woman seem intimidated by me like im a blood or a crip or somthing Im just a lonley guy out here so is this my life time sentence from the stars to live thru being alone or what ? its no way all of this is just by chance please tell me why ? i just want to know why whats the lesson in this.????

Lifeinforms 2 Dec 22

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