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I'm not one to hate anything but I have come to really hate this time of year!

DaddyWolf77 4 Dec 22

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Have you examined why you hate it ? Bad memories ? Felling pressured to be a certain way, or buy presents for people, when you'd rather not ? Too much busy-ness all around us ?

Once you've figured that out - release it !

Do what you like to do - regardless of the holidays. Find your happy place and hide in it. Don't let a day or days, on a calendar rule your mood - it's so not worth it !

Try and look for good in the days, in yourself, in others (I know, that's a hard one). You could turn this around ...

I've always felt like a hypocrite celebrating Xmas. I did because of my mom & gma. Mom died 2 days after thanksgiving last year & gma has been gone. I don't have family for a gathering. Just really suck now.

Sounds like it's time for you to create your own tradition ! For instance, there's this marvelous trail not too far from me. I run it every New Year's day - I find it a great way to begin the new year. Seek out what nourishes you. And set aside some time for remembering those you miss. I've got a bunch of those myself !


I find that staying home and doing a "Twilight Zone" marathon really improves my mood.

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