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Are some Christians brutal?

I live in a very conservative part of California. If you remember the popular song, "Eve Of Destruction" by Barry Maguire, in the 1980s, Maguire started a tent revival here. Shortly afterward, churches started popping up here in a town of Oakhurst, now having a population of over 13,000. There are now 50 churches.

I've lived here twice, moved away and came back because it is near Yosemite Valley, a place I adore. Being a conservative Christian community, I have many Christian friends. They know they can't touch me because epistemologically, I know what I know based on a sound mind and judgment.

The thing that I've noticed about the Christian men around here is that they are brutal. I was hanging with a close friend's father and we were driving in his new gas sucking Dodge Ram truck. He pulled up the console and there was a 9mm pistol and he said, "I'd love to use this on all the Moslems." I told him, "you're talking to the wrong guy."

Further, he started on Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and blathering the FOX "news" and hate radio playbook to deal with me and I had said nothing, to begin with, nothing about politics, really I was just sitting there and enjoying the ride in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Speaking with other Christian men around here, I collected the sense that the harbinger of fascism is no longer a harbinger — it is ensconced in the very fabric of these people's lives.

One thing though that is a positive is that these people do everything they can for the poor and homeless. I was speaking to an atheist friend of mine and he was bashing Christians, which I am doing here but it is more of an ideological bash. I got sick of his untutored bashes and I asked him, "what has the atheist community done for anyone lately?" He turned red in the face and shut up and hasn't talked to me since. I suppose he was an "evangelical atheist".

I like my Christian friends. I am a split personality on atheism. I am an atheist in regards to the Abrahamic religions and since I don't know everything, I am an agnostic with gnostic leanings.

FOX Christians, I call them. They get pumped on FOX "news" with a platform of authoritarianism. Are most Christians brutal?

rabbibubba 5 Dec 22

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Hell yes they are brutal , intolerant bigoted hypocrites , just saying .

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