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You all on here are so nice and have shown me so much kindness. Thank you ALL! Facebook friends don't compare to all of you. I just did a friends purge. Took all the people off that ignore me. I left my few good friends I know on. I like this site more than Facebook. Those people are rude to me, the atheists that I had friended. Well, they are all gone and I am tired of them making me feel like a terrible person inside. I used to be supportive of them all. None of them showed me any support when I was struggling or when I was happy. Thank you all for being awesome.

Sarahroo29 8 Dec 22

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It's been a pleasure! This little site has been a place of company and comfort for me as well!

Just remember where ever you go there will be haters. Unless and until they pose immediate threat pay them no heed. There is no reason for you to even acknowledge their existence.

And, as way of mutual support, would you go visit some of my posts and polls that catch your eye? 😉

Delain - We Are The Others linked. Remember Sophie.

I'm not a threat to anyone. I have depression. People on Facebook don't understand that or bipolar. So they like to ignore me. I did a purge on Facebook friends.


thank u for being awsome ! yes i agree . i enjoy this much more then fb. people are a lot more nicer and u don't gotta get crap from religous people ( half the ppl nagging me are terrible people them damn selfs lols )

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