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?do you think reall life resembles the REAL REAL system of thing??️✋?

Perhaps....the powers that BEE have given us this day, our daily bread, to learn and mimic the ebb and flow of karma and empathy, so that once we do awaken or strart to SEE we understand that we've been being shown how to conduct ourselves universally based on these earthly perramiters? Maybe i cannot even articulate what I'm trying to say.....feel me?

y0d5 4 June 4

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Didn't understand a word of it.What powers that bee (sic)?

And judgement by whom?

Nope. No judgement.


I'm gonna go with this.....i know right from wrong, same as you him her and the next guy......that's a common theme throughout the justice system. So why is that? Guessing, it's because we're being shown or taught real-world scenario's that prepare us for JUDGEMENT

y0d5 Level 4 June 4, 2018

? personally, i am picking up signes and messages telling me that once 1 has mastered the human element, and tamed their humanity, they can them proceed with tranquility and peace, ensuring the legacy of living in pure love in our next journey ?
I understand now, that 1 must TRULY treat their world as though they were caring for and teaching a child how to go out and leave the nest.... UNTIL that day, mankind's going to struggle eventually selfimploding under all the darkness and hate ??️✋

y0d5 Level 4 June 4, 2018
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