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Why do people get jealous of others?

Why do people get jealous in any situation? I don't envy anyone or get jealous of anyone. Co-workers are all jealous of me for multiple reasons. Same as the ones on Facebook. To name a few things; 1. I transferred to this Wendy's and immediately became my GM's favorite. They all knew her longer than me and had a chance to be nice and caring. I never call off at the last minute or do a no call/no show. 2. I'm the skinniest one there, I go to the gym. Yet, they all make $100-250 more than I do. I'm not jealous of them. I'm on Medicaid and can't make all the hours or money that they all can. Yet, somehow I have more money than them. They like to ask for money from me. I always say, "No." They can go to a gym too. 3. I tend to use big words in my every day language. Mostly I end up sounding like a Dictionary to them. So now, I just use the average Joe's words and terminology. Do you have people jealous of you for stupid reasons?

Sarahroo29 8 Dec 22

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I can't think of a "smart" reason to be jealous, but I have been on more than a few occasions.

Like I wouldn't be jealous if I was paid that much less, I'd just find another job!

Of all of them, romantic jealousy was my downfall as an addict. I brushed those feelings aside as I did any plan to be in a committed relationship when I got clean.

Anyway, I wiki everything and, as usual, there is a great overview with specific links.


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