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Can't say I wouldn't have done the same ...


Great comments. Shows where tour values are.
And women wonder why men are careful about dating.

Real men don't abuse animals and there is nothing wrong with my values.


He needed killing!


I would have done the same, but the no one would have EVER found the body.......

@CoastRiderBill Gotta love Vicki!!


Any excuse will do.

Coldo Level 8 June 4, 2018

there just may be more to the story


Is there a gofundme account for her legal defense?

JimG Level 8 June 4, 2018

My thoughts , too !


beating a cat, child or spouse is inciting any normal human to revenge.... hard to see bruises on a furry companion and cops need to see signs of injury before arresting a brutal primate in a she impulsively killed the perpetrator will matter before a judge/jury...knife, gun, frying pan or what ever weapon that stopped the abuse of a defenseless feline

the "news" reports arrest for murder with a gun, and neighbors report the cat ran from the abuser only to return later to a dead man unable to be cruel to the cat again... surely the woman was battered for years by this jerk in Texas who likely voted for TrumpOLINI

I don't think it was about revenge , it was about protecting the defenseless around her , from further abuse .

@Cast1es I was taught pistols were for rattlesnakes and shooting a robber who dared come try steal my dad's money @ gunpoint. ...where this victim found her gun and premeditated time to shoot the abuser is likely to reveal revenge not protective impulse....nonetheless I also think she was abused for years by this now dead perpetrator

Could be , I suppose , but the fact that she had access to a gun , does not mean it was her gun , or that she had premeditated time . If you've been routinely beaten , as have others around you , he left angry ( and most likely drunk or on drugs ) , then returned with a gun in his hand , what would you do ?

@Cast1es I have taught and practiced non-violence since leaving my war 1973 US Navy

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