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Adjusted my meds lately, and felt really really not half bad tonight. Especially after sleeping like 12 hours lol.

I started taking an extended release muscle relaxer instead of my normal ones that knock me out, and started taking my oxy by halves every 4 hours instead of a whole every 8. It seems to be working better that way, because its staying more consistent in my body.

I cleaned the living room and bedroom, washed the laundry, dusted EVERYTHIIIIIING, and even vacuumed (AT LAST MY GOAL IS COMPLETEEEEEE)

My muscles started getting really tight and painful again, because it's time for my next dose of norflex. I like that it's working well. In the hospital last time they gave me a shot of it and I never felt my muscles relax so much and I was eager to try it but was disheartened to hear it was only available in extended release outside emergency rooms. Turns out that might have been just what the doctor ordered (haha get it cause he did). I don't have that extreme relaxant feeling but it's becoming noticeably better over time. (I have severe multifocal dystonia, which is horrific.)

I still have to clean the bathroom and take the trash out, and wash my bedding but I'm thinking that's going to be future mes problem.

The only concern I have is I've noticed my blood sugar has been a tad high lately. I hope it's just a lapse in my diet or from my sugar coated gummy probiotics. Meh that can be future mes problem too.

So now I'm taking a break and glad to have today and tomorrow off from work before my hectic next 10 days.

Happy holidays guys!

LadyAlyxandrea 8 Nov 20
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How does norflex work as opposed to cyclobenzaprine?

Cyclobenzaprine isnt extended release and it isnt as strong. Norflex is super strong (that's why it's only available in extended release outside hospitals) and because its extended release it's best for chronic spasms like in dystonia


Typical Oxy isn't meant to last 8 hours unless it's extended release.
If it is extended release I don't think it's recommended that you split them.

And you're right if it's the one intended to last 4 hours (not the extended release) - you're probably hitting it better with the way it dispenses - by dosing that way.

You would probably do great on an extended release med.? Would they consider that? I told you about the patch. I bet you'd get some great relief.

Glad the muscle relaxant works! That must be a nice change. 😉

RavenCT Level 9 Nov 20, 2018

My oxy isn't extended release, but the doc prescribed it every 8 hours, or 3 times a day. Taking half every four hours instead gives it less chance to wear off between doses. Unfortunately that also means waking up halfway through the night to take it.

I've got a check up with my pain doc in December and I plan to ask about an extended release opioid with oxy as a PRN to avoid building up tolerance, but we will see.

I'm worried that asking for two opioids might be met with scorn. The opioid war is really touch and go.

But hopefully after my neck surgery I won't need more pain meds.

@LadyAlyxandrea Good luck! I still think the patch might be good for you except for bad days? Sigh.

Like you don't have those already on that dose!

@RavenCT it's also really dangerous for me to try new meds because of my extensive allergy list.

@LadyAlyxandrea I get it! I so get it.

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