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Well my belly button finally healed. My other two are starting to, i think. Took them long enough. Today is my last 12 hour shift and my last over night. Now on saturdays I'll work 7p-3a, which is much more doable for me since my usual bedtime is between 3a and 4a anyway. Plus tomorrow i only work 4 hours to give me recovery from this 12 hour overnighter.

I did start menstruating two weeks early today, which alarms me a little, but until my body is more balanced out from having one ovary I'm not going to put too much concern into it just yet.

My pain levels have been higher lately this week than normal, but that's also because we are starting the rainy season and it's been dreary for the last 5 days.

My aunt decided to go to california with her husband not three days after he beat her senseless and bust her jaw. I fear she has fallen victim to the cycle but she is too stubborn to get out. There is no helping her now, not from us, not until she gives up on her own. My grandmother has made it clear though that if she stays with him they'll be finding somewhere else to live and that he will never set foot in her house again. Mimi has already went through this herself and then watched her other daughters and granddaughter go through it and she won't tolerate it anymore.

If my aunt decides to move out and find another place with her husband, then my cousin and i will take it upon ourselves to move in with my grandmother because she cannot afford the house on her own anymore now that she's retired and she has plenty of room. Plus my cousin and grandmother can care for me and i can monitor my grandmothers seizures, and I can be closer to work, and use the pool for physical therapy. It's a win win for everyone except my aunt who loses everything, potentially even her life, but that's her choice.

Anyways that's my update

LadyAlyxandrea 8 May 4
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