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Unknown moth

By Leafhead8
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Love the design on this one.


That is a lovely one.


That was a new one for me this year, too! That's Schinia rivulosa. They're ragweed feeders. I have a lot of ragweed in my pasture but this is the first year I haven't had chickens. I think the chickens were thinning the caterpillar population, because since they left I've had a ton of these moths.

Insectra Level 8 Aug 16, 2018

I knew you'd come thru for me. I'm looking at moths more too nowsmile001.gif

@Leafhead this is pretty much how I got hooked on moths, lol. I have always loved insects, but when I moved to PA 13 years ago I met some people who were REALLY into moths. Their excitement and enthusiasm was contagious and I became hooked.