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I took a walk around my yard and through some nearby woods to try to spot some nocturnal creatures. I think I found some interesting specimens. Here's a select sample:

By JimG8
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I especially like the Woolly Bear. It looks like a Florida variety. The northern ones have a red band in the middle

Leafhead Level 8 Aug 30, 2018

It's a different kind of woolly bear. This caterpillar is Hypercompe scribonia, as opposed to the much more well known Pyrrharctia isabella.

@Insectra Thanks, I knew this was not a the Isabella tiger moth caterpillar, but couldn't remember the species. I tried to get enough light on it to show the red bands.

@JimG I just posted a pic of a large one I found last night.

@Insectra Thanks for sharing. I just commenterd on your post.

I couldn't pick this one up. He had a firm grip on the asphalt, and I was afraid I'd injure it.

@Insectra This one was larger than it appears. It compressed its body and grapped the pavement.


Very nice!

Insectra Level 8 Aug 30, 2018




It was a hot, humid day. I thought it would be more pleasant after dark.

My mistake.smile001.gif