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Just spent a very UNleisurely afternoon getting a wild squirrel out of my house. I shut up both cats and opened an easy escape route to the outside from where I knew the squirrel to be. The little thing would not leave! I nudged it with a ruler to coax it outside. Darned beast went on the offensive! No contact was ever made, but it sure wanted to damage ME! The things it called me would make a sailor blush!

No photos of the actual perp, but can share the barrier I made, trying to urge it toward the door (had to improvise as there was no way I was turning my back on the hellion), along with some post incident cat pictures. Nova still has not touched the floor in that room that I am aware of, though Jasper has declared the area "clean".

Zster 8 Oct 1
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Glad all parties survived unscathed 🙂

Lol, it was not a given that all would! Who knew a squirrel could be so bad ass?

@Zster If you ever watch Rick and Morty, you'll find out 🙂