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Good Morning Critter Lovers! Say Hello to George 🙂 I first saw him a few weeks ago relaxing on a sewer slab. Yesterday I finally got a full view of him, he looks about a 5-6 footer. It never gets old for me to see these guys!

Hastur 8 Nov 23
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Me neither , I love seeing them, and observing closely. Alligators are actually one of the big reasons I moved to Florida - no kidding.

evergreen Level 8 Nov 25, 2019



Better in your backyard than mine .

Besalbub Level 7 Nov 23, 2019

By not doing stupid stuff around them - like feeding, or swimming from dusk to dawn, you can avoid most trouble. They have little interest in us, and would prefer to avoid humans altogether. Which I completely relate to ... ha. By learning more - you might discover all the reasons to like them !

@evergreen Three dogs , three cats , three geese , a dozen or so chickens and a granddaughter my reasons . We don't have a lot of them in NC but they are there and most likely increasing in numbers .

@Besalbub And all those beings are looking to you to use common sense so that no trouble arises. Totally possible. We can live peacefully with wildlife - though it may mean some effort and learning on our part. Enjoy.