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I just picked up this book at the library, it's an animated story, basically a hardcover comic book for adults but it proposes an interesting scenario. The US destroys their own environment in the future and perpetrates a false flag against their own liberal president in order to blame Canada for a terrorist attack and invade to claim our fresh water supply. The Canadian freedom fighters do their best to fight back against overwhelming odds. We've always assumed that the Americans were our friendly cousins but when American interests are at stake, there are no friends for them.

Surfpirate 9 Aug 27
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I ordered it from Amazon, I haven't read it yet --- but it is pretty obvious that "Manifest Destiny" still exists in some minds in the US. I am sure in the dark recesses of the Republican Party there are still those who harbour the belief that God had ordained the US to occupy all of North America. After seeing how quickly things have degenerated in the US with the lying cheetoh in power this is not too much of a stretch. All Canadians should be aware that the US would not hesitate to move north militarily. See how deep paranoia runs -- -

Simmer51 Level 6 Sep 9, 2018

I think you meant graphic novel

I think you're right but considering I was around when the first edition of the Amazing Spiderman came out, I'm prepared to grant myself a bit of grace.


I've been of the creeping suspicion that this is actually going to take place someday, in some form. We have all the land, water, wood, and minerals. California is on fire. The south is either burning or being blasted by hurricanes. Climate change will render many parts of the US uninhabitable within, say, 40-50 years? Where do you think they're gonna turn? Mexico? Nope. We are their "backup plan"..

Loud_Love Level 5 Aug 28, 2018

I do find it a bit disturbing that so many Americans when they talk about leaving their country because of Trump have said they would just move to Canada, like it is their right to move here. When you explain to them that they would have to apply and meet many criteria they get this deer in the headlights look on their face as if this had never occurred to them before. Their presumption is that they can just walk right in and make themselves at home.


I would seriously hope that nothing like this ever happens. Before, I would say it could never happen, but now, I'm not so sure. The United States has completely lost its way. This is not the United States that I know. Unfortunately, I don't see it changing back anytime soon. The greed runs too deep.

I would seriously like to think that if it did happen that we Canadians were burn your White House down - Again. It's also highly unlikely that we could do it because you are many and we are few, better trained but under equipped and out manned.

@Surfpirate Ah, but I think America is over confident. Just use tactics that the North Vietnamese used. Use the strength of the United States against itself. It's like we are equipped to handle a pitched battle, but if you use hit and run tactics we don't do so well. Why do you think we are still in Afghanistan? Plus, all you'd need to do is hold our long enough for the people to get tired of the war and want it to end. Canada has more going for it than you realize. However, please don't totally destroy the white house, it's a very old building. I don't care if you gut it out by burning it, just don't demolish it. I like old buildings.


Not to spoil the end, but do the Canadians burn down the whitehouse again in this graphic comic? ?

Funny that they want our water, when in fact over 50% of the Great Lakes is in US territory. I shall have to find it to read. Thanks for the tip.

Should I spoil it for you? NAH


Who assumed that the "Americans" were our friendly cousins? Not I. Canada or the colonies that would become Canada have never fought a defensive war against any country but the USA or the the colonies that would become the USA.

Arouet Level 7 Aug 27, 2018

We've always won out in the past but if it happens again, quite possible, I doubt we will do so well. It was an interesting read for an animated story.

@Surfpirate - I believe that if it starts looking that way, Canada will quickly start to beef up our military. Savage, Northern Warriors! We've done it before, we can do it again!


I just remembered a book I read in elementary school called Exxoneration. It's a wishful thinking experiment where Canada's natural resources became leverage for the overthrow of the USA. That and Terror in the Tar Sands. Now I'm wondering what Johnny Canuck is up to. And Captain Canuck. And Vindicator for that matter.

Hicks66 Level 7 Aug 27, 2018

Where's Alpha Flight when you need them??

Possible movie in the works:



We've all thought about similar scenarios I bet. I'll have to check this out!

Umbral Level 8 Aug 27, 2018

Hard to find, I was lucky to get it through my public library but it may be available online.

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