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Hello friends.. i am new here trying find my way around this site find new like minded friends i live in Toronto Ontario hope to get to know meet of you here

Neenz 7 Feb 3
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Welcome, I lived in Toronto for 3 years good spot to make friends. Now getting into travelling to meet them all again, I have lived all across Canada from Newfoundland to BC


It's great to make new friends.

ylma Level 5 Feb 10, 2019

I am from downtown Vancouver. I think I am the only atheist in this city.


Thank you beautiful people for your beautiful welcome.
This was taken in last year's nuit blanche after the walk went to the karaoke bar where a friend of mine was wearing this cool suit jacket couldn't resist but try it on .. he took the pic so i had to show appreciation .. hence the curtsy 😉

Neenz Level 7 Feb 4, 2019

Welcome! I'm from Nova Scotia and I joined this community to be myself. I don't want to offend anyone but when religion comes up in conversation I glaze over. I can't be serious in any relationship when religion is involved. This is what I recently discovered about myself.
Thank you for joining and making this community grow. 🙂


A big welcome from Beautiful Downtown Brampton Ontario. Anyone sporting the Toronto chic suit with running shoes is appreciated.

Simmer51 Level 6 Feb 4, 2019

Welcome to the group, I grew up in the Beaches area but live near Kingston now. The more Canucks on the site the better.


Hello from the US. Interesting you put on a dress shirt and pants with running shoes. 😛


Toronto thing, I never see it any place else. It makes sense to use the runners to get to work and then wear the heels while you are at work.


Hello from a fellow Canuck living in the Orillia area!

snikkers Level 5 Feb 4, 2019

I used to live in Orillia on Lake Couch north of the old Sundial Inn.



Davekp Level 8 Feb 4, 2019

Hello fellow Canadian.



Arouet Level 7 Feb 4, 2019


hippydog Level 8 Feb 4, 2019

I perved your profile and found out you are at an evil level!


Welcome, sssh they are all asleep.

actofdog Level 8 Feb 4, 2019
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