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I have two sibling 5 month old kittens, and the male is driving me crazy. Does anyone know a way to keep them off counters out of plants? I’ve tried double stick tape, motion activated air spray things, and a plastic matt that has nubs and he still gets on counters.

SusanAS 3 Feb 20
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Good luck with that.

Just so happens in my current house, the area of the kitchen that has the counters is chilly so they don't go over there. I gave up on house plants but might consider some hanging ones in the future.

I’ve had really good luck with hanging ones, I have a bunch of plants on top of my fridge basically in a cardboard fort so my cat can’t get to them, I have to take them out periodically to get them light but I can’t do this forever lol


I got rid of most of the houseplants.


Can't. I clean the counters and have no plants?. I can't even have a bouquet of flowers. I've had plenty of cats before and have successfully had plants just not Spike. I love him more than plants I guess.

Booklover Level 7 Feb 20, 2019

Tenacious little bugger.

He’s absolutely ridiculous. He’s either sleeping on your face and can’t get enough love or he’s trying to destroy my apartment. Nothing in between


Vinegar does work as some have mentioned below.
You have to be consistent with it.

Skeptic66 Level 7 Feb 20, 2019

I've kept them out of waste baskets by spraying a very tiny bit of vinegar in them.I don't have house plants, but spaying a tinyvbit on the vases might work.

Ray13 Level 8 Feb 20, 2019

Good Luck with that....


You can’t

darthfaja Level 7 Feb 20, 2019

I gave away a small potted tree I had and I’m telling you now to just accept that the counters no longer belong to you.

It drives me crazy, but Bug is a cat and cats climb. I think it’s cruel (and utterly useless) to try to get them to not climb. It’s what they do. I did find that getting him a higher kitty condo has kept the little bastard off my bookcase. ?

They love their cat tower and I let them climb a lot of places, but I don’t want them on the kitchen counter lol

@SusanAS I don’t want Bug on mine, either. LOL I often murder, “Get off my fucking counter.” It’s impossible to enforce so I just made peace with it.


Dogs have owners, cats have staff. ???

MojoDave Level 9 Feb 20, 2019

Both part of being a cat .

Cast1es Level 8 Feb 20, 2019

Take him for a walk on the freeway?

FrayedBear Level 9 Feb 20, 2019

Seriously try spraying vinegar.

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