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Meanwhile in FL... ?

Key Largo. Notice that's a croc.

By Sirena7
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Some uninformed folks think Florida only has gators. Well... now they know we have fun-loving crocs, too.

MrLizard Level 8 Aug 24, 2018

Only in brackish water... but yes. There's a story on how they got here. Crocs are scarier than gators though.

@Sirena That's like saying ogres scarier orcs. Hell... I ain't going near either of them.

@Sirena Yes the American crocodiles like south Florida - though they are different from the Nile Crocodiles of Africa, or the "salties" of Australia - both of which are much larger on average, and generally more aggressive. If we had them in abundance in Florida (wayward released individuals have been sighted and captured) - there would be far less Floridians ... not necessarily a bad thing. Ha.

@evergreen hm.. less Floridians... ??

@Sirena lovely thought eh ? And pretty soon, all those snowbirdies fly back here !

@evergreen ugh! Snowbirds...

@MrLizard I used to go to bonfires in the Everglades at night... we see gators all the time. Camp in the Glades..See them lots in SoFlo when I lived there. They let them get bigger down there too. Where I'm at now if 5ft or higher you can call to get them removed. Kinda silly, they were here first. I mean I'm not going to wrestle one... but there's scarier things in FL. No?

@Sirena You don't need to tell me. I lived in Plantation, sandwiched between Fort Lauderdale and the Everglades. We lived in a community that (at the time) had some of the furthest in-land canals with access to the ocean. Oh - and gators in the canal, too. The canal in our back yard.

@Sirena As for the "What are Floridians afraid of meme"? - Absolutely accurate.

@MrLizard I lived in Pompano beach, Coconut Creek and Coral Springs. I went everywhere though, lol.

@Sirena KNow those places well. I grit my teeth and go down there once a year or so. Just to visit with friends who have the courage to remain in South Florida.

@MrLizard my mom just moved closer to me, all I have is a few HS friends that didn't leave. It's a different world down there!


Just chillin’ lol

Neeooo420 Level 4 Aug 24, 2018

Hey now, crocodiles like fun too. Part of me really hopes its wearing flippers on its back claws too.