9 5

Hello? Heeelllloooo?

What's everyone been up to?

Lucy_Fehr 8 May 5
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About 5'9

Damn tallness!

@ashortbeauty lolz. Bigfoot over here!


Last time at the doctor's office they weighed me at 235 lbs.


Tiling a floor, you helping?

Darthpug Level 7 May 5, 2018

Good luck with that lol


I hung out this morning at the Sarasota Farmers Market, representing WSLR 96.5 LPFM the community radio station that I volunteer at. Then I went back to the station, in the production studio to check on the status of a promo that I recorded for the upcoming Harvey Milk Festival.

You're sounds the coolest


Been taking it easy while being lived by life.

kenbur12 Level 5 May 6, 2018

I'm up to HERE with the current political landscape!


Padding the loooong hours of free time here on agnostic!! I need a new hobby, but I am climbing towards level 8 so the hours are worthwhile 😉

Im at a similar level. Not trying as hard as I used to


O.K. got your message


Any gal up to dating a guy in So. Broward?

We are all too spread out to make dating all that viable. Someday

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