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An afterlife terror for trumpers ...[]

Philip21 8 June 23
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And some of us will be very happy!

Free At Last. Free At Last.


This is one aspect of religiosity that has always dumbfounded me. How can any God have favorites, and what would make her/him choose your particular country?? If you look at planet earth from space there are no boundries, that is a man made construct, as is religion itself. George Carlin did a spiel on this subject that was spot on, sorry I don't have a link....... Anyways, if I somehow end up in some sort of afterlife, I will be shocked ( or hallucinating). My goal is to have my ashes planted with a tree, that's the ultimate afterlife for me.

Carla1963 Level 5 July 7, 2020

I agree. No favorites, no riches, and no virgins as prizes anywhere...

Who comes up with this stuff and why? Are humans that naive? Why can't death for humans just be death like all other animals? Or have human's been "trained" to "want more" instead of just living and enjoying the earth and each other without excess and without limitations (mental hierarchies)?

@Conversational personally I think religion stems from fear...... fear of death, for of the unkn6, etc. Death of a loved one is very painful, so you imagine an afterlife to see them again.


My idea of Hell would be spending Eternity with someone called Jaron. Honestly, who makes up such stupid names? No wonder he's turned out the way he did.

Magister Level 6 June 29, 2020

I might be incorrect, but you must have a history with someone named Jaron?

I hate to inform you but I think we are already are in hell. The way our world is being run and ruined at the same time, and how we can't see each other as one human family IS HELL to me.

I wish I could just say hello to all, whenever, wherever, however and whomever. But I know that most are stuck in a mental belief system of fearing one another (including myself). A system that says that we are divided and that these divisions are life and death matters, but they aren't, they are just a mind game to keep us from attaining the power that we would have if we all worked together toward the same goal, "Freeing the Earth from Hell." (Hell meaning a place where we are slaves on our own planet)

@Philip21 No, I've never met a Jaron, I just have an unfathomable dislike of these invented names. I understand that they're banned in some countries, so you can't register just any name.



bobwjr Level 9 June 23, 2020
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