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There are all sorts of crazy robotics now. Also there is AI. Can you imagine engaging with the best of whatever? Say you want to get your ass kicked by a robotic version of Bruce Lee in a fight. Or use a recent fighter for which we have a lot of info on. Either way, good sparing partner. Have a conversation with Albert Einstein. The closest approximation anyway. The more data available the better the robot/AI. We are close to that mainstream.

What do you think is holding us back as a society from having this available? Materials? Ethics? Politics? Nothing? Etc?

FvckY0u 8 Dec 25
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The idea of facing off against a robotic Bruce Lee or having a virtual conversation with an approximation of Einstein is pretty darn exciting.Regarding what's holding us back, it's a complex mix of factors. Materials and technology are one part of it, but there are ethical considerations around creating AI that's so advanced it could potentially replace human interactions. Politics also comes into play as regulations and policies need to keep up with these rapidly evolving technologies to ensure they're used responsibly.Speaking of futuristic tech, have you checked out telepresence robots? They're a fascinating step into the future, allowing you to remotely interact with the world.

CasonKemp Level 1 Oct 5, 2023

Progress is happening in robotics.

I've seen it applied to many who have lost limb use.

I've seen it in demos of "guard dog" robots that can patrol grounds better than any person.

I've seen it in demos of an expression-full humanoid interaction attraction as featured on Twitter/youtube...

Robecology Level 9 Dec 26, 2022

The only AI that I have trouble with is Zuck's bunch on his site.

DenoPenno Level 9 Dec 26, 2022

It is here right now., in so many subtle ways. You are never sure that the picture of a celeb is real , News articles written by AI that influence government and the media, Smart meters read and regulate your power usage.Not forgetting that all the hackable smart appliances in our homes. How can anyone ever be sure that the person in any forum you speak too is a real person? Forums are excellent marketing research tools. With the internet of things it is possible to hack into pacemakers according the present technologies, Hell even the remote robotiic vaccuum cleaners have been proven to take upskirt photos which are them found on porn sites.(slashdot article)
As long a there is money to be made or a way to vent maliciousness on others, A.I does, and will only get bolder interfering in our lives.


It is coming. Sex bots and guard dogs seem to be the first to be hitting the markets.


Making it marketable and profitable. This is America, and this is how America works.

Sticks48 Level 9 Dec 25, 2022

Time. A very short period of time.

skado Level 9 Dec 25, 2022
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