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I was struck by this quote today by Bertrand Russell; "“Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom."

I totally agree and want to delve further into the topic. I believe fear more than any other single factor is what is harming society at a root level. I'm not talking about people quivering in fear like a child. I'm talking about apprehension that turns into flat out refusal. That's where so many of us are to one extent or another. As with most things it's on a sliding scale. Religion is a good example of fear but far from the only one. Fear is part of every day life in every way if one allows it to be.

So if fear is the main problem how can it be addressed? First and foremost is internal recognition. One has to recognize fear in themselves and that it's a problem before it can be properly addressed. That is an obstacle to high for most. Being afraid isn't cool yet it's what motivates or paralyzes most of us. Most of us won't admit to being afraid or blame fear on something external. My hope is that one day humans will recognize their fears, accept them and move past them. It's already happened and continues to happen. I just wish it was a faster process because dealing with other people's fears is exhausting.

FvckY0u 8 Mar 7
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I feel like that quote does have accuracy, for example many ppl might be afraid to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, MMA, and Wrestling, but if you train it there is so much knowledge with in it not only mentally but muscle memory as well

Sk8board95 Level 3 Mar 26, 2023

Yes, maybe fear of the unknown, but also the fear of the unfamiliar, fear of attention or respect given to others instead of ourselves, fear of the worst that can happen.

I suppose the remedy to fear is exposure, becoming more familiar with people and places, learning what is to respected and admired about others, even if they are different or have opposing views to ours. Learning how use reason, science, wisdom, compassion, friendliness, imagination and vision toward solving our problems and smoothing tension between people.

Julie808 Level 8 Mar 8, 2023

I suppose I'm most struck by fear of the unknown. Not only as it relates to religion. Other areas like being afraid of science and simple human differences. Understanding hate comes from fear. I understand ignorance is at the root of the fear but how do people understand that about themselves? How do we as individuals and a society say to ourselves "We're ignorant, we must strive for knowledge." Some do this but the majority of people seem content to not grow and learn. Why? How can it be changed?

FvckY0u Level 8 Mar 7, 2023

If you reflect back on your life you will probably come to realize that more than 90% plus of the things that you were afraid of never actually happened. Most fear is manufactured in the imagination where it becomes bigger than the existential reality if we allow it to happen. This is not to deny that there are real life situations where fear may come into play.

ASTRALMAX Level 8 Mar 7, 2023

I think fear of the unknown is the greatest human fear and although Russell didn’t implicitly state that in his quote which I posted this morning, I think it was inferred, or at least it’s what I think was meant to be read into it. Fear of the unknown is why people are so attracted to religion, because religion purports to supply answers to certain questions that puzzle and make us fearful such as why we are here, how did we get here, and where do we go after we die. A supernatural answer fills in these blanks and answers these fears …a supernatural creator who is all powerful and who will look after us for eternity after we die if we just keep following the rules laid down and being kept in perpetual fear of falling short and being punished by spending eternity in a different place entirely called hell. It’s about control..controlling our minds and keeping us fearful, worse even that fear of the unknown is fear of hell and eternal damnation, so religion far from relieving fear actually makes us more fearful.

How can we address and eliminate our fears? I think by meeting them head on and rationally and analytically dealing with each one using logic and common sense, remembering that everything does have a logical cause and answer even if it eludes our reasoning at the present time. If we can achieve this in our own minds then, like Bertrand Russell, I believe we can begin to conquer our fear and attain wisdom.


We can either recognize our fears and adjust our lives...or ignore them.

Ignoring them has good and bad consequences.

For example; I love bicycling. But i have a fear of falling and hurting myself.

I fell recently had a hard fall biking....and had to be hospitalized...and I'm still suffering from the pain weeks later.

Should I ignore the fear and risk the fall - or pay attention to it and avoid biking?

I think it depends on how old you want to live - how long you want to stay alive,

I remember an old rock- n- roll comment "better to burn out then to fade away"...

I'm 77...and now I'm not sure.

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