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So, I just got suspended from Facebook for a day because of this picture. Its a brutal photo I know, hard to look at - but thats why it hits home. And it feels a bit theocratic to ban me because of it!

Observer-Effect 7 Feb 13
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People need to see this.

April152 Level 4 June 10, 2020

Please share it far and wide!


@Rossy92 did a great job of elaborating the excuses theists give for human suffering!
At the moment, I can't think of any other excuses I've heard from theists to add to his list.


In the USA we are citizens of a society who are encouraged NOT to think . We are TOLD what to think . This begins with infancy television through High School and onwards by way of the presentation and censorship of images . World starvation levels are a direct result of Western (mainly USA American's) social lifestyles and international policies. I've seen many photos of starvation images much more brutal than this one.

Our rulers just don't want us to be reminded of the brutalities which our lifestyles inflict on others, which is the reason why they want to put controls on even quite mild images like these. It's time for us ALL to grow up. I hope that I am not now going to be banned on here.

pgrobinson Level 5 Feb 21, 2020

Boy facebook has a weak stomach. I remember seeing that on tv every night...with Sally Strutters.... she was "save the children". So you can show it on tv but not facebook... when did facebook go PG13?

chiara23k Level 7 Feb 21, 2020

Makes a great 1-2 punch with this meme I rediscovered today while looking for something else, and tagged so I could locate it when needed, not realizing it might be so soon.

Rossy92 Level 8 Feb 16, 2020

That dark hypocrisy of the the superstition is one I point out often, basically short versions of the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus's "Problem of Evil". Here is just a few. They are redundant but its an issue they NEVER have a real answer for, the most common way they try to duck out of it is "well . . . uh Freewill!" (Were kids born with bone cancer part of the "freewill" deal?)

I have put things like this out electronically, and in stickers scattered about the world, inserts for books and more for decades. I have hundreds of these graphics. I know I'm not likely to change any minds, but it is cathartic for me - and if it infuriates any beLIEvers? Awesome.

@Observer-Effect I too have the "thanking Jesus for mundane trivialities" and "Tracie Harris quote on rape" memes, and I'm sure you won't mind if I nab the "wireless communication" one. Besides freewill, the other argument put forth is that the purpose of this life is not happiness, but to come into a closer knowledge of "God", and that perhaps by some calculus that only he can compute, the amount of evil and suffering we see is necessary to bring the greatest number of persons into a personal relationship with him. That argument may win debate points, but I find it lacking on the emotional front. So I say keep up your efforts, because Atheism could use more of these emotional arguments to go along with the also important intellectual ones, just as tolerant viewpoints of agnosticism are complimented by mocking, anti-theist viewpoints. You don't have to "instantly" change minds. Just sowing seeds of doubt in a small percentage of those who come in contact with our viewpoints is beneficial if it simply causes them to question, perhaps for the first time, and to perhaps at least moderate their beliefs. And it will hopefully be an aid to the already occurring trend of religion declining.

@Rossy92 Well spoken. Yeah, I used to attack theism by pointing out contradictions within their texts, conflicting historical records and narratives, biological/geological/astronomic proofs against their beliefs . . . and now I've given up pretty completely on that - fitting with "House's" quote here. I now go after them on basic morality issues, that if a God exists despite these horrors - then he is either incompetent, or an asshole. 🙂 And, only an insecure being needs to be flattered and praised for doing good, or allow those who didn't worship them to be tortured.

This is one of the reasons I became an atheist.
God either doesn't give a damn, is powerless, or doesn't exist.
Doesn't exist is the more rational choice.

@HumanistJohn List of theist rationalizations: 1) Works in mysterious/higher ways, 2) he gives free will and we caused this not him (doesn't account for natural disasters, predation from animals, or horrific diseases/parasites 3) We are all in a fallen state, which means none of us are good, which means we all deserve whatever hardship befalls us 4) How could we appreciate the good if the bad did not exist as a frame of reference (doesn't explain the gratuitous nature of the suffering which exists 5) Those who suffer now will be compensated in an after-life.

None of which cuts it for me when this supposed entity apparently only revealed itself (by way of miracles/interventions) to one small group instead of the worldwide revelation which its omnipotence should have allowed, and then apparently went into hiding, leaving its message of such supposed great importance, that of salvation, to be spread by hearsay over thousands of years.

How'd I do? Please feel free to add, amend, correct, or refine any point I made.


Join the club....and be're posting "cutting edge" stuff that's getting to please continue. I know I will....I even got sent this meme;

Robecology Level 8 Feb 14, 2020

You're such a bad egg, upsetting good Christian folk!

brentan Level 8 Feb 14, 2020

Very brave to post this so thank you. If you want a real gut wrencher look at this book. [] It has some reading material but starts our with "Lord Man." I had heard of the book but then saw it in our library and had to buy it. It is shown one this site for free. Take a deep breath before reviewing it. It has some beautiful pictures, though.

JackPedigo Level 9 Feb 14, 2020

Won't happen here welcome

bobwjr Level 9 Feb 14, 2020

No banning here! The majority of people don’t like to see or think about what makes them feel uncomfortable, and that post obviously hit a nerve with many. But even without the god question...they’d rather see images of fluffy kittens than starving children. The question I would have asked is ...”WHERE iS HUMANITY?”, because that is much more pertinent to making them think about doing something about the plight of these children than asking them to question their belief in god.

Preach!!! Lol. Well stated.

Well said, I like the "where is humanity" - that's going to be part of my vocabulary about this from now on. The only thing that makes me also want to question peoples superstitions in this context is that religion is one of the biggest distractions and decoys from this type of horror and "two hands working accomplish more than a million closed in prayer" - which circles right back to what you said.


That's total BS. They can't take the truth. People can't take the truth.

MrChange Level 7 Feb 13, 2020

People, or the majority, can’t take the truth?
Minorities live with truths the majority can’t take.

@yvilletom you can take your pick on that one. Lol

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