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A belief system means different things to different people depending upon the context. The simplest definition I've found is: "A belief system is an ideology or set of principles that helps us to interpret our everyday reality." Beliefs encompass religion, politics, philosophy and what an individual perceives whatever is or should be.

One can believe, choose and do what they will, the exercise of which is readily demonstrable. One can do to their body and life what they will. One can do to another what that other has granted. No man-made laws can prevent one from doing so. By definition, these capabilities are labeled natural rights.

Presented with an other's belief, there are five possible consequences. One accepts, rejects or ignores the belief. One accepts or rejects the belief with qualifications. One is defined by their belief system. In order to understand why another believes what they do, one would have to live the life of the other from birth.

Peoples believe differently. Over time, the belief systems held by a population vary greatly. Their totality represent "entropic disorder". The greater the population, the greater the disorder.

Why does one do what they do? Are their actions not consistent with their belief system?

SunshineEast 5 Dec 3
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Our beliefs are based on our education and experience.

We can change our beliefs when we have new experiences or learning.

Yes but how does one go about challenging an other's beliefs? One can believe whatever they will. Some believe that history didn't happen. Some believe that one's gender follows from one's sex. Some believe that a life, in and of itself, is important. A belief system has a framework. Some beliefs depend upon other beliefs. To change a belief may have a ripple affect.


Exactly. Imagine a church full of people and a pastor telling them that they all believe the same thing. It's a lie. Taking with the members individually will prove it to be a lie because nobody thinks alike. Some will add and subtract from the main theme or story.

DenoPenno Level 9 Dec 4, 2022

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