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In last few days, a man was snatched from the street, imprisoned without trial and then reporting on his arrest was banned.
He is a horrible man, but he did nothing, I despise most of what he stood for, disagree with his opinions, but he is a fellow Brit and he has the right to those opinions, he has the right to be an arsehole and that has been taken from him, so it can be taken from us all!
Today thousands protested in London and again reporting was censored.
All over the world today, UK is a joke, dictatorship, laughing stock, an object of pity.
My England, my UK, my Britain is no more and neither is yours.
Make no mistake, this is only the beginning.

LenHazell53 9 May 26
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All the while ...


I have had to rejoin this group just to turn off alerts on this post, I will leave again immediately, so don't bother commenting anymore, I won't know, I can delete this or I would, but before you go about lies. or anything else check the fucking date on the post, I put it up on the day it happened, before everything else happened and all the facts came out.

Maybe some people in this group mistook Freethinker for Non thinker.


I'm puzzled why you are lying Len. Your post is not only a bit sensationalist but it's also wrong both factually and by omission. You say you're not a fan of his yet you are spouting EDL rhetoric. He was arrested for breach of the peace because he was live streaming court proceedings and making comments which could have caused the case to collapse (see the Guardian 29th May for full report). You further say he did nothing and you intimate that he was arrested to prevent his freedom of speech (If I read you right). Can you explain what you meant by "He did nothing" He was in contempt of court. Also you say he was imprisoned without trial. He pleaded guilty Len, you don't get a trial if you plead guilty, so why did you make that comment? You also said he "was snatched off the street' He wasn't "snatched" he was arrested quite correctly outside the court. Why are you reiterating EDL and Right wing propaganda if you think he is such a despicable man and you disagree with him? You also fail to mention the reporting restrictions were temporarily put in place to prevent anything going public which could influence the trial he was reporting on (illegally). Last year he was given a suspended sentence for contempt during a rape case in Canterbury, he was told at the time he would go to prison if he broke the law again. He broke the law and he has been sent to prison, what exactly is your "beef" with these facts? I don't know you but you sound like a Tommy supporter. Just because he's a "fellow brit" doesn't mean he's above the law! Yes he has a right to his opinions (however vile and unfounded), that isn't why he was arrested or sentenced.

Marcol04 Level 2 July 3, 2018

Thank you for the clarification.


The guy who you refer to is a racist but thats not the point here.
He was arrested and charged with contempt of court which he pleaded guilty to.
You want to get arrested and sent to prison as quickly as him, then try demonstrating outside a court about what is going on inside a court when there is a trial on.
Go on, have a go!

Whoohoo Level 4 June 2, 2018

As I said, everyone has the right disagree, it is when that right is taken away, that I object and when my right to know that that right has been taken away, I seriously worry.
Thankfully another judge overturned the reporting ban and that second right has been restored, I politely suggest you make use of it to ascertain the facts before commenting further.

@LenHazell53 Facts. You said he didnt get a trial, for what? He pleaded guilty to contempt of court and the court banged him up.
He also had a suspended sentence hanging over him. Maybe that could have been activated but you seem to omit these facts
He wasnt snatched of the streets as you say. He was arrested wherever dosnt matter.

There are demonstrations outside courts here, even the Supreme Court, when trials are in progress. We may soon lose that right, as I figure anything is fair game under a tRump administration, but up until now that right, the Right of Assembly, is still sacrosanct. Obviously, the UK has gotten to a sorry state if it has become this oppressive!


Good old Voltaire was always very Candide. 😉

Heraclitus Level 8 May 31, 2018


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