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Container gardening update! Ripening red cherry tomatoes, newly planted purple cherry tomatoes, newly planted cucumbers, and growing watermelons! We started getting red tomatoes ripe enough to eat about a week ago.

JenBeberstein 8 June 16
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Amazing: watermelon in c ontainers!

Spinliesel Level 8 June 17, 2018

That looks so yummy for my tummy I wish I could had some fresh tomatoes

Sheannutt Level 9 June 16, 2018

They are very easy to grow as long as you have a sunny spot.

@JBeberstein yes I imagine so but I have no Sunny Spot around here

@Sheannutt I have never tried growing tomatoes in the shade, I always grow them in full sun. If you find yourself in Southern California, you can stop by and raid my garden!


Yay! The first tomatoes are always the best...and the last, as they are the best remembered. Amazing that your watermelon is so early. Good on YOU!

I agree about the tomatoes. Thank you!

Watermelon plants went into the container outside in early April.


Looking delicious!

MikeEC Level 7 June 16, 2018

Thank you!


That is so great I can almost taste those tomatoes. It's a great job you have done. Be proud and eat happy.

kenriley Level 8 June 16, 2018

Watermelon plants went into the container outside in early April. (this comment ended up in the wrong location, lol)


That’s nice I never seen anyone grow watermelon in a container.

Donto101 Level 7 June 16, 2018

@JBeberstein Drip feed watering?

Last year was my first year trying it, my plants ended up having blight. This year there is no sign of disease or fungus and the vines are 10-15 feet long already!

@FrayedBear I fill 10 5 gallon buckets with water every night, allow the chlorine to evaporate for the next 24 hours, and water from the buckets with large (32 oz?) cups each evening after the suns off the plants. It's about 30 minutes work each evening, but I enjoy checking on my plants and I don't mind the time spent.

@JBeberstein The close proximity of everything lends itself to setting up black pipe tubing and drippers. Once done lasts for years. It wasn't the time that concerned me just the possibility of dry soil during the heat of day hindering growth of melons. What fertiliser did you use in the soil mix to get 15' -ers?

@FrayedBear I haven't fertilized yet this year. I start with Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil and usually make it about 3 months before I see any signs of nutrient deficiencies. Last year, I got through the entire growing season with the original soil nutrients and epsom salts. This year, I plan to add fish emulsion.


I am so jealous, especially of the tomatoes! I'm not that close to fresh tomatoes yet 😟

I am in a very warm and dry zone so I get to start early!

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