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Went to a friend"s little cabin yesterday, I was going to spend the night, But my dog Thor hurt his foot on some glass on the side of the road. Had to bring him home and take care of him. The fishing was good,The catfish weigh 23lbs.

kenriley 8 July 8
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Gorgeous cabin and quite the fish. Did you noodle it or use a line?

Bottom line, using cut bait, half a bluegill.




Poor bowser. Nice catfish. Cabin’s a tad too rustic for me.

It has electric and an outhouse, what else could you want.

@kenriley a door.

@MissKathleen LOL it's got a door two of them. One in front and one in back.The picture is the front door it's panted a dark brown.Even the outhouse has a door.

@kenriley Thank goodness. I’ve seen fishing cabins with no door...and no windows, for that matter.


Quite a cabin. Rustic they say.

Very much so. I like going there when I want to get away. It's in the middle of woods and next to the Licking river.


Aw... Good stuff... Not so good stuff...

SukiSue Level 8 July 8, 2018

LOL Life


Nice catch .

Cast1es Level 8 July 8, 2018

Are you sure that is an earth grown creature? I have never seen a catfish that big or that color. Is you dog ok?

Spinliesel Level 8 July 8, 2018

It is kinda different looking, It's a Flathead catfish, They can get over 100 lbs, That one is 23 lbs. Thor is fine he's still sleeping, he never gets up early.


Nice catfish and I hope your dog’s foot heals ok.

Donto101 Level 7 July 8, 2018

Thor's foot is fine, It wasn't as bad as I thought it was. But I still needed to bring him home and dress the cut up. I was really looking foreward to a longer weekend away from the farm and gardening.

@kenriley Thor: my favorite god among the gods. Give him a respectful hug from me. Does he have only one eye? I wish you a peaceful rest of the weekend.

@Spinliesel LOL he thinks he a god. Now that I'm back on the farm, it's going to be hard not working.

@kenriley What are you farming, she asks, full of envy!

@Spinliesel Trees and hills and a little garden. I use to have horses, goats chickens, But some things changed. The trees and hills a fairly easy to take care of. The garden is a little harder.

@kenriley I am about to go out and fertilize and water my straw bale garden. That's my project this year. Rerquires no bending down ( had a spine operation last winter) The garden uses lots of water and requires regular fertilizer, but things are growing well.

@Spinliesel A spine operation, sounds bad. I guess you know it's best to go easy.

@kenriley I did , for the first two weeks. But I also adopted two chihuahuas at the same time ( I was still woozy from the painkillers.Not in the right mind at that time) Those little monsters forced me to get up and go down those 13 steps and then take them out. At 4:30 in the am. So, my back healed amazingly fast. But thank you for your concern.

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