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I forgot the corn that I still had to pick in todays harvest, also want to show the Brazilian Starfish I pick two of them to try out with dinner They turn red but I thought I would do a taste test when green, It's a sweet hot pepper.

By kenriley8
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All looks delicious.

MissKathleen Level 9 Aug 5, 2018

Looks so good


Interested to hear what you think of the Brazilian starfish peppers!

Donna_I Level 7 Aug 5, 2018

The Star fish peppers were hotter than the jalapeno But a very good taste

@kenriley thanks! They sound really good!


My kids like the hot spicy stuff. Me not so much. I tolerate a little wasabi in Sushi once in a while. How hot are the starfish peppers? I have never encountered them before.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Aug 5, 2018

The Star Fish pepper was very good, great taste a littler hotter than a jalapeno.


Looks like you're going to have a really great dinner.

Sheannutt Level 9 Aug 5, 2018

Hamburgers with tomatoes, hot peppers and onion, corn on the cob. Good stuff for a single man.

@kenriley that sure is a good meal for a single man. Yum yum

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