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Ordered a pile of perennials for fall planting. I love trying new flowers, and this time I'm focusing on stuff that blooms later in the year. Spring is glorious but by now I've got nothing but the remains of the annuals...

chicagojcb 7 Oct 3
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Asters are my late season go to. Witch hazel bushes reward the patient.


Good thinking. If you have room it's a good idea to plan your garden for a succession of interest all through the year. If you are going to use perennials - my favourites - it takes more space than annuals you can pull out when they are done. For winter colour when flowers and foliage are finished, some dogwoods have beautiful bright red stems.

CeliaVL Level 7 Oct 3, 2018

Have you tried ornamental kale, broccoli? There is also the fleshy plant I featured here a while back [] but it needs sheltering from extreme frosts. Flowering when it occurs is delicate and very long lasting through winter.
There are some delightful suggestions here but I don't know about your extreme winters?


That sounds like a plan

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