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Related to my post a few days ago


powder 8 Oct 26
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My late former FIL was a chemical engineer for Monsanto. He told us years ago about stuff they were doing that he did not think were good decisions. Except for their bottom line. I do not use ANY Monsanto products.


Read sometime back that it so pervasive , that it's even showing in nursing mother's milk .

Cast1es Level 8 Oct 26, 2018

Women who eat a lot of fish have had mercury levels rise in their milk. The mercury comes from the fish.

@JackPedigo all meat eater have heavy metals accumulate in their bodies. If you eat meat, eat the herbivores.

@powder Good to know but I don't eat meat.


ive known about the oatmeal situation for a while, the animal food is new to me but not surprising