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Does anyone have any Rhodochiten seeds? I know I misspelled it, but maybe you can figure out what I mean?

Hathacat 9 Mar 16
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You can get them here:

RichieO Level 8 Mar 16, 2019

Thanks, but I don’t want to pay five bucks for them ?


Rhodochiton, Rhodochiton is a genus of flowering plants within the family Plantaginaceae, native to southern Mexico and neighbouring Guatemala. But no I don't have any, have you tried on-line nurseries? It's a climber looks like a bell shape...

RichieO Level 8 Mar 16, 2019

I used to grow it in CA. I just had a hankering for it.


Wow, pretty cool looking!

Yup. That be the one. Used to grow it.


what does it look like

btroje Level 9 Mar 16, 2019

Looks like this...

@RichieO yes!

@Hathacat hope you get some seeds

@btroje Thanks. It’s a wonderful plant, and rare enough that fellow gardeners would knock on the door to ask what it was, lol.



Nope, although I love that too! There are pictures in the thread so you can check it out now. Such a graceful plant.

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