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Some beauties from around my property.
Does anyone know what 2 & 3 are? This vine just appeared in my blackberries. Just noticed the bloom tonight (sorry it is a tad blurry) and the leaf gets quite large.
Last pic is some delicious Concord Grapes I just picked 😁🍇

Heidi68 8 Aug 15
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2&3 are Morning Glories, an invasive pest

Leafhead Level 8 Aug 16, 2019

I have 2 of those Crape Myrtles. So nice the contrast.
Yummy grapes! Enjoy

Zoohome Level 8 Aug 16, 2019

I love the dark leaves!


if 2 and 3 are the same plant, it could be a form of wild morning glory or bind weed, the crepe myrtle and purple cone flower look great as do the grapes.

glennlab Level 9 Aug 15, 2019

Morning Glory, for sure.
Bind weed is white and is twice as destructive.
It travels by underground rhizome and strangles everything and drags it down

@Leafhead, @glennlab - glad to know since I usually kill morning glory... and this one just appears in my blackberry bushes, just my luck 😀