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Four years ago today FB reminds me, I posted a picture of the orchid outside my window by the desk ❤. Today also it's flowering 🌈, it took no notice of the hurricane whatsoever (2017), and flowers at least twice a year.

Allamanda 8 Nov 5
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Sometimes I wish I could attach some of mine outside to trees.

Heidi68 Level 8 Nov 5, 2019

is it too cold in the winter?

@Allamanda yep. We are already having frost 😢


very nice.

glennlab Level 9 Nov 5, 2019

Unique looking bloosom . Is it one you , "planted ?"

Cast1es Level 8 Nov 5, 2019

I definitely attached it to the tree, but I cannot remember who gave it to me!


I have no idea how the heart and rainbow got into my post - is this a new automatic feature? Thumbs down if so! @Admin? Sorry to complain but they are not to everyone's taste.

Allamanda Level 8 Nov 5, 2019

Extra, unasked for icons would be rude indeed.

It is probably sn unintended icon (8) is ( 8 )

@glennlab I'm pretty sure neither of them are that. I did not use brackets except for the year.

@Allamanda Your post reads like re are no missing characters, so I've got nothing.

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