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I have a very specific question for you experienced gardeners. I have about 40 bulbs to get in the ground, mostly allium and narcissus. We have a hard freeze coming up. Should I plant these puppies this Saturday, or wait till Wednesday? Or does it not matter at all?

By itsmedammit8
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I've been googling this question myself. The soil temperature is more important than the air temperature. The better gardening sites say plant when the average soil temperature is below 60F. Here's a site with soil temps. [greencastonline.com] I'm just now getting cool enough in zone 8.

CrazyQuilter Level 7 Nov 13, 2019

Thanks. This must be a tough year for those in the higher hardiness zones.


If they are first planted below the frozen soil. Then the sooner the better.

Fernapple Level 8 Nov 9, 2019

Thank you.


Absolutely. I used to work for a place called the daffodil mart, now called Brent and Becky's bulbs, and they would wait until sales were done, and then donate bulbs and labor for plantings different place--nature trails and the like. We would sometimes have to rake away snow or chisel into partially frozen ground. They will deteriorate faster out of the ground than in. The daffodils will be a wee bit stunted the first year. You could likely do fine saving the alliums for spring

DavidDuhon Level 7 Nov 8, 2019

Thank you, that is very encouraging!


most recent forecast is for "an Arctic Blast" Seeing that what follows that is an unknown, I'd suggest get them in the ground because your soil might become too frozen to work after that?

dede18 Level 8 Nov 8, 2019

That's what I was leaning toward. Thanks!

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