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Some may think this a little sentimental but I like it.

Fernapple 8 Nov 20
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sweet words about gardens, gardening, and gardeners are always welcome. This feels of a similar genre--[]

DavidDuhon Level 7 Nov 20, 2019

author? and I think the . at end of line 4 should be a ,?

Allamanda Level 8 Nov 20, 2019

The author is me. And yes, a full stop may work better, my language skills are not great. But it is the turning point of the poem and could be a second verse, long pause certainly.

@Fernapple oh super! I didn't realise, thought a copied meme! so please disregard the criticism, it should be as you wish it.

@Allamanda That's very kind thank you. But I am always wanting to learn.


LOVE it!