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Guerrilla Gardening

BDair 7 Nov 22
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Love it!


I have a friend who is knowledgeable about wild foods and herbs, and gets out in the wild a lot, and her thing is to then care for helathy stands of things, even propagating and weeding--not all guerrilla gardening is urban. Long ago I had a role in People's Park in Berkeley--I would come for work days and I stole fertilizer from my rich employer for the blackberries there. There are lots of good paths for folks who are interested in this to pursue.

DavidDuhon Level 7 Nov 22, 2019

What is guerrilla gardening?

glennlab Level 9 Nov 22, 2019

Gardening in public spaces.

@BDair Thanks

I wondered too, unfamiliar with the concept ... thanks for asking!

@dede18 I found out it's better to question that for everyone to think you know what they mean. Happy to ask.

Gardening in public spaces, yes, but especially without permission.