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Where did all this BLOOD come from?!
Seems I was tearing into my poison ivy rash in my sleep 😟
Clipping my nails now...
Gardening...not for the faint hearted.

AmiSue 8 May 5
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Hydro cortizone , an over the counter , readily available at your local pharmacy - a clear gel , does a great job . A bit sticky . When I was young and got a severe case on my hands , mom used an old pillow case , traced around my hands very loosely , and made a pair of very loose fitting gloves - she soaked them in witch hazel and wrapped a towel around both hands at bedtime .

Cast1es Level 8 May 24, 2018

I would sleep in gloves for awhile. Actually that is what I do, or I end up just like you


I'm a bruiser. I will awake with four + one bruises on each upper arm from where I have been clutching them with arms crossed over my chest to protect myself.
Fortunately my subconscious does not let my conscious mind know what horror I was reliving that necessitated such rough treatment of my upper arms. It is also handy that I usually wear long sleeved shirts even in summer.


I can remember the first time I had a case of poison ivy , my Mom used an old pillow case to make a very loose fitting pair of gloves for me , and soaked them in a combination of water and witch hazel , then wrapped a towel around both of my hands , in order for me to be able to sleep at night . Hydra cortazone , a commercial clean gel cream , seems to work very well for me now .

Cast1es Level 8 May 6, 2018

if something makes an itch it finds me

btroje Level 9 May 5, 2018

I hate that. Poison Ivy it terrible it takes me weeks to get rid of it. There is another weed that I haven’t identified yet that I must be allergic to. That I run across every few years I end up having to go to the hospital and get shots. But haven’t ran into that on my property yet.

Donto101 Level 7 May 5, 2018

You need a pair of boxing gloves ? ?

MikeEC Level 7 May 5, 2018

@AmiSue So, what is the punch line?

No doubt you know how to use them!


I was thinking of getting a Hazmat suit to protect myself from rashes, thorns, bad weather, and insect bites. But then I was afraid of scaring the neighbor's kids. πŸ™‚
So I put up with a few troubles and just dig in because I love it so much.


I'm a burrower when I sleep. Sometimes I wake up with scratches. Maybe we both need some mittens like babies often wear, ha ha?

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